Why Noopii®? Because we want to make a positive difference in the world.

Currently, our planet is facing huge environmental crisis, challenges and changes. We know our planet deserves better than this. So we want to do better. At Noopii® we want to make a positive contribution to healthcare and our environment, by making simple everyday products that are better for our world. Our nappies and pants are only the beginning.

A New Zealand Story

New Zealand is our home, we love our little corner of the world, we are a small nation with a population of just 4.7 million people. We are a land of spectacular lakes and rivers, towering mountain peaks and the great outdoors.

We are known around the world for our pristine clean and green image and we have one of the most beautiful and beguiling landscapes in the world. But we are not immune from environmental damage, pollution and global warming. We rely on tourism, and our inability to cope with huge rising visitor numbers is wreaking havoc on our environment, but this is only partly to blame. New Zealand had more than 3.8 million international visitors in 2018 and the number is expected to reach 5 million by 2024, that’s more visitors than our entire population.

Intensive dairy farming and industry has had a disastrous effect on the health of many of our rivers and streams, we also face deforestation and species extinction, just like many countries around the world today.

Most Kiwis are acutely aware that New Zealand is not the clean green utopia it once was, we all understand that we need to work together to reverse some of the damage that has been done. As a small country of passionate, inventive and outdoor people alongside a progressive and committed Government and businesses, collectively we can make a positive difference and reduce the negative impact we have on this beautiful country at the bottom of the world.

Noopii® exists to have a positive impact on our environment by reducing plastic going into landfills, off-setting our carbon footprint by supporting the 1 million trees planted campaign and contributing funds to reforestation and species recovery programmes. We all have a duty of care and responsibility to this very special and unique land we call home. We are the Kaitiaki (Maori word for Guardians) for future generations.

Understanding the impacts we're having on our planet is incredibly important to us. But doing something to make a change is even better. We wanted to use our combined skillset to create positive change around an everyday product. Noopii® was born to be a market disruptor, to change conventional norms and to have a positive impact through revolutionising the nappy industry.

The name Noopii® comes from a derivative of the old English word for nappy which was originally spelt as Nopi. We've been developing Noopii for two years, but we're still on our journey to create great products and we strive to keep innovating and to do better. Noopii® products are made from 70% sustainable and renewable materials. We know that's not 100% but it's not zero either. We aspire to always do good and we are constantly improving our products as new materials are developed and technology is advanced, so will our sustainability.